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duotone isn’t a music house for ants, so it only makes sense that we would end up in the massive new Zoolander 2 movie (which comes out Feb. 12 by the way).  We can’t reveal 2oo much about the portion we worked on, but let’s just say it revolves around a commercial for a very tantalizing scent, featuring Naomi Campbell and a very hunky cenacow Derek Zoolander.

Be sure to catch the film in theaters when it comes out!


Co Collective came to us with a 2 minute long cut for their new business facing version of Microsoft Office. After seeing it we decided we were looking for music to speak to the technological advances of the software, as well as highlight the human connectivity that it provides for its users. NYC is also a huge character of the spot, and so we wanted the music to also feel the influence of the New York swagger.

We were able to create a organic/electronic track that combined the best of all of these ideas and take the viewer through a longer form piece of branded content in a compelling and creative way.


duotone continues our amazing partnership with The Martin Agency in creating the poppiest, dopest, most Wonderfilled music for the latest in a string of deliciously tasty Oreo campaigns.

Featuring the vocal acrobatics of the inspiring and indomitable Adam Lambert, this duotone production features a bombastic track that draws equally from modern dance pop and 80s new wave.  Paired with stunning roller rink visuals provided by Buck, this track is a sweet tooth tune that could fit just as easily on Top 40 radio.

Adam is a sweetheart, Team TMA rocks…  here’s to the next one!


duotone lent a helpful-holiday-hand in R/GA’s epically cool Samsung ‘Unwrapped’ spot, securing rights for the Pharrell-produced Missy Elliott comeback jam, ‘WTF (Where They From)’.  Needless to say, it made our holiday season all yack-it-to-the-yack!


We are proud and excited to announce the opening of duotone audio post! Sneakers, pain relievers, beer, paint…all in month one! Check out the studio and work at the new website:


Founded in partnership with duotone audio group by award-winning sound designer/mixer Andy Green and executive producer Greg Tiefenbrun, duotone audio post provides full-service audio post-production for the advertising, film, television and experiential industries. Their work has won Cannes Lions, AICP, Radio Mercury and Muse awards.

And just to whet your appetite, here’s a fantastic Tylenol spot we just finished!


duotone audio group is a music boutique with studios in new york and santa monica. composer-producers peter nashel and jack livesey formed duotone’s original creative foundation. it has since evolved into a collective of highly skilled, award-winning talent now led by managing director david leinheardt and executive producer ross hopman.

duotone’s work spans global advertising campaigns, feature and documentary films, network and cable television, as well as artist-brand collaborations. duotone has garnered Emmy, CLIO, ADC, D&AD, LIA, Telly and Cannes Lions awards.

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