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Peter Nashel and collaborator Eric Hachikian crafted an original score for Netflix’s largest production to date, an epic 10-part miniseries based on the adventures of young Marco Polo in Kublai Khan’s court. The music is a seamless blend of East and West, infusing traditional Silk Road instrumentation with an contemporary cinematic score.

Check out the trailer below, which includes a killer track by Dirty South.

The series is now streaming in its entirety on Netflix.


duotone teamed up with Paul Greco and JWT on Rolex’s new ad campaign showcasing their latest addition, the Deepsea D-Blue. The watch was made to commemorate filmmaker James Cameron’s historic solo journey to the bottom of the Mariana Trench (at 7 miles deep, the lowest spot on earth), which was documented in 3D in “James Cameron’s Deepsea Challenge”, and released by National Geographic. This was also the first time a film crew was ever granted access to the clandestine Rolex factory in Geneva.

The spots feature original music and sound design by duotone, complete with an epic 75 piece orchestra that sounds as big as a Rolex price tag.  The score was a big hit, and resulted in duotone being recognized in Shoot Magazine’s “Top 10 for Music and Sound”.


Dukhtar, directed by Afia Nathaniel and scored by Peter Nashel, has been selected by the Pakistani Academy as their submission for the 2015 Oscar for “Best Foreign Language Film”.

Peter Nashel created a haunting and driving score for this Pakistani thriller about a mother who kidnaps her 10-year old daughter to help her escape from an arranged marriage to a tribal leader.

Combining traditional Pakistani instrumentation and influences with orchestral and electronic elements, Peter’s score provides a compelling backdrop to this emotional and exciting film.

Dukhar director Afia Nathaniel participates in a panel discussion about the film after its premiere at the SAIFF.

The film made its New York City debut November 22, 2014 at the South Asian International Film Festival, where it took home the Best Director and Audience Award.


Two new Oreo Mini spots launched this week, both with music by duotone.“How Big You Wonder” and “Mel’s Mini Mini Mart” were listed as Adweek’s Ad of the Day and have also gotten praise from MashableBusiness Insider and Creativity Online.

“How Big You Wonder” is duotone’s 2nd collaboration with Creative Director David Muhlenfeld at The Martin Agency, which had us teaming up this time with Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo. Duotone’s arrangement and production provide the foundation for Chromeo’s infectious and uplifting vocals to deliver the message of dreaming big…no matter how small you are.



“Mel’s Mini Mini Mart” is a kitschy, longer-form spot with a Wes Andersonian vibe that rhymes the tale of a family who stumbles across an unassuming store housing the most wonderfilled surprise: shelves and shelves of Oreo Mini’s. The underscore features light acoustic guitar with highlights of accordion, providing a quirky, heartwarming backdrop to the film.






Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 6.37.53 PM

Bud and Anomaly turned to duotone for an original score that would speak to the intensity of this year’s competition in their global, two-part “Rise As One” campaign. To that end, we drew inspiration from a wide range of musical traditions, and cast it all in an epic cinematic setting. This included recording a live hybrid orchestra as well as the famed South African choir behind The Lion King on Broadway.

There are few things bigger than the World Cup. The unity and emotion surrounding the competition are both tangible and infectious in even the remotest corners of the earth. These Budweiser films capture the fanfare, dedication and pride felt by both fans and players alike.

Act I:

Act II:

Bud Act 2

duotone audio group is a music boutique with studios in new york and santa monica. composer-producers peter nashel and jack livesey formed duotone’s original creative foundation. it has since evolved into a collective of highly skilled, award-winning talent, now led by ep david leinheardt. duotone’s work spans global advertising campaigns, feature and documentary films, network and cable television, as well as artist-brand collaborations. duotone has garnered Emmy, CLIO, ADC, D&AD, LIA, Telly, and Cannes Lions awards.

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